Behind your walls and beneath your floors there is an intricate network of water supply lines, drains and vents that make up your plumbing system. Water Lines and \ Pipework Repair and Installation are more common today due to those old pipes starting to break down. These water lines and pipes freeze or burst requiring repair or new installations. Your water supply pipes may have problems that limit water pressure, impacting everything from the quality of your shower to the reach of your lawn sprinkler.

We understand this type of work better than anyone in the market. When we make plumbing service calls to your home, we’ll address the plumbing problem you called us about and diagnose any potential plumbing problems that may be causing the problem as well. We will present you with an array of options to best fit your need and budget.

Types of pipes

Copper Pipe is ideal for ½ inch and 1 inch water supply lines leading from the main water supply pipe to household sinks and toilets. Copper is popular with plumbing contractors because it is clean, doesn’t rust and is very reliable for both hot and cold water delivery. Copper pipes provide trouble-free service for decades. Copper pipes will freeze and burst if left exposed to harsh cold weather. This is only a problem if the pipes run through the outer walls of your home so be sure those walls contain plenty of insulation.

PEX Tubing looks like a garden hose but it’s much stronger and more reliable. Its flexibility and strength make it as reliable as copper but easier to work with. PEX stands for cross-linked polyethylene and it is being used increasingly for water supply lines as a low cost alternative to copper piping. PEX is has been a standard for new tract homes as it is cost effective to install and much cheaper to replace or repair than copper tubing.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipe is the most common material used today for household drainpipes and vents. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and is durable and reliable. It is finding renewed acceptance as a copper substitute in pressurized water supply lines. It has long been popular for drainage and sewage piping. PVC pipe is inexpensive and popular with plumbing contractors because its joints fit tightly together to resists root intrusion and it is easy to repair. It can be quickly glued together to cut down repair time and cost.

Cast Iron Pipes are tough and reliable. Today they are more commonly found in commercial and municipal applications than in residential plumbing. However, iron pipes can be found in older homes. Cast iron resists corrosion and can last 100 years or more under ideal conditions. Plumbers work with cast iron drainage pipes, water supply lines and natural gas lines.

Lead Pipes are considered dangerous due to the danger of lead-related illnesses and health problems. If you have lead water supply lines, your water should be tested to determine the exposure level of your home. We recommend replacing this type of piping immediately if it’s possible.

Galvanized Steel Pipes have also fallen out of favor in new construction. After years of use, minerals from water react with the galvanizing material to cause scale build up inside the pipe. This will eventually narrow the diameter of the pipe resulting in lower water pressure and reduced volume.

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